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What are some of the major obstacles that you encounter in your efforts to effectively reach your customers or constituents? Is it a constant struggle to produce consistent, reliable information due to an abundance of data in different data sources? Is this impacting your ability to effectively target your customers, or produce accurate mailing lists?

DBexchange can help to eliminate these problems by providing you with a single consistent database with all of your pertinent customer information, set-up to meet your business standards. You are provided with a powerful tool that allows you to do detailed analysis of your customers and produce accurate lists without the fear of duplicates. And the best part is, we handle the maintenance of your data for you.

How do our database solutions work?

Because our solutions are built on an application service provider model, most of the set-up and maintenance of your DBexchange database is handled by our experienced database experts.

Collection of Data
You send our database administrators your data from each of your different data sources in just about any format, capturing all of the fields that you wish to utilize.
Data Clean-up and De-dup
We will then clean and standardize your data for you, as well as merge data and eliminate duplicates. We also have a comprehensive array of data services such as NCOA (National Change of Address) and CASS-certification.
Utilizing your data
Protocols have been established to give you secure web access to your database, which is hosted on our fast, reliable servers. Using a web browser, you can quickly and easily build and refine marketing plans directly from your live data. You will have the ability to quickly and easily profile your prospects, combine and filter selections with the DBexchange selection builder, and add selections to your marketing plan with just one-click using our simple "shopping cart" tool. Once your selections are complete, you can easily export the records directly to your desktop, your fulfillment/mail house, or to the DBexchange e-mail campaign builder.
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